Total Quality Management And Kaizen Principles In Lean Management

TQM (total quality management) is among the key tools that are often used to facilitate the implementation of the kaizen process. It’s a form of management policy that can be used to work alongside the kaizen principles. Total quality management can be describes as a kaizen process that engages everybody in the workplace.

This includes every single person from the highest ranking manager to the simple worker or employee. It’s actually a method of ensuring that collective performance is utilized. It works well with both the kaizen principle and events. It is an ideal way of enabling optimum performance and contribution at each stage. When TQM is well implemented alongside a kaizen event, it leads to customer satisfaction. This is because the process ensures that there is sufficient development that will meet the needs of the clients.

Total Quality Management Is Can Also Be Described As Total Quality Control.

It’s a very appropriate way to meet an organization’s goal especially if they are concerned with development. You should not that total quality management is not restricted to only quality control when being implemented alongside kaizen strategies. While kaizen by itself is considered as bringing about continuous improvement to the organization as a whole, total quality management is implemented alongside kaizen to bring some improvement in the managerial sector. It enables the performance of the organization in terms of management to gradually progress in a positive way.

Its success greatly relies on sustainability. This means that implementing both kaizen and TQM requires total cooperation from all employees and management. It should be vigorously run without any hitches. The top management should engage on a level playing field with other employees. This will create very conducive environment for workers to interact and share ideas with hire management. It will eventually bring about collective improvement since no one will be left out.     

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