The Three Cycles In The Kanban Scheme

It’s very important to first know the rules and regulations that guide this scheme. You should note the rules, if well implemented, will yield very positive results and thus prove that Kanban can be a success if used in any settings. The rules have been used by various companies seeking to find solutions in areas were development is lagging and there is very little or no improvement at all.

They can be used alongside lean management and the kaizen principle to ensure that everything in the company is progressing in a forward direction. Some of the basic rule is:

  • Ensure that good approved to go to the next stage of production are not of substandard quality
  • You should only produce what is needed and can be sold
  • Manufacture the exact amount of products that can be cleared out in a single cycle
  • Sustain the process for as long as possible
  • Smoothen the cycle by reducing the number of surplus products produced

The Three Cycles In The Kanban Scheme Mostly Consists Of

  • Manufacturing
  • Demand
  • Supply

You should ensure that all of them are placed in bins in the form of a card that can be used to convey a message to workers and the senior employees. The scheme is more of a bin system that can be used to help the workers identify various manufacturing prospects tat the company is trying to achieve.

They should also contain a detailed explanation of what the product being manufactured is all about and any other detail that might be of importance. The bins will be taken back to the storage room each time they are out of cards.

Free Kaizen GuideThis would mean that the bin representing demand has no more cards signifying that resources are needed and should be purchased. Significantly, the bins should be returned to place once they are filled with the Kanban cards so that work can resume with ease.

The supplier bin is very ideal since it keeps the management on toes ensuring that the company doesn’t lack any form of product that has a sale value. The management can choose to add a spare bin to the Kanban scheme for convenience purposes. The spare bin can contain the various undocumented and misunderstood production processes such as miscellaneous activities.

You should however note that this bin is strictly for time saving so that people don’t waste a lot of time on what they practically can’t understand. It should therefore be sorted out once time is made available and put into its respective bin.

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