The Relationship Between House Care And The Kanban System

The Kanban system was initially adopted by the Japanese who used a house keeping model to ensure that the workplace is conducive and safe. It is a very effective way of ensuring that the company or organization never runs out of supply. It also enables organizations to properly plan on how resources are to be utilized. In the family setting, Kanban helps the family in replacing used items. This means that they will never abruptly run out of important necessities such as milk, bread or butter.

The Systems Works By Ensuring

all house hold requirements are bought in excess. You should however note that none of the items bought become surplus as they are bought according to need and not capability. Once one of the items is used up, it’s placed in a significant place that will require the homeowner to notice that there is need to replace a specific item.

The relationship between House care and the Kanban system The Kanban system is mere common sense that can be applied by just about anyone. In layman terms, the word Kanban stands for sign or symbol. This symbol is what will be used as a constant reminder to ensure that you replace whatever is used up. It can be defined as a catalyst or trigger that prompts a certain action to take place. Kanban in organizations utilizes bins to convey the symbols and messages.

Most commonly used is the 2 – 3 bin system.  The bins often contain information that will help the users identify the rate at which a particular resource is being used. It will also notify them if a certain resource is required or not. The bins can have cards inside them that once finished trigger a response. This system has largely helped organizations to reduce the amount time wasted on doing unnecessary things.  It has also helped them increase productivity and manage inventory since resources will always have a sufficient flow.  

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