The Kaizen Philosophy In The Technology World

Web analytics is a service offered by search engines and various software companies to generate detailed statistics about the visit to a website. In simple terms web analytics is the collection, reporting, measurement and analysis of Internet data for purposes of optimizing and understanding web usage. According to the infinite number of resources found in the Internet, web analytic and research is known to do pretty much everything if not more.

This fact eventually drives and motivates users to use web analytics to find whatever they need. However, they wait and wait only to get something different. This is because they never notice that enabling web analytics is just the beginning of the research process. You should note that you can’t just stop at the installation and expect to get results.

Improving Your Web Traffic Using Kaizen

Honestly speaking, web analytics is a continuous process and is often changing in that you can be flying high in one minute and shot down in the next. Such is the unpredictable nature of web traffic. You therefore need to effectively employ what the Japanese call Kaizen to cope with the inconsistencies.

Continuous updates and improvements on your website is what will make web analytics work for you. With Kaizen, and of course perseverance and some patience, you are bound to greatly improve the way your website works and operates.

What Criteria Should I Use to Practice Kaizen?

Kaizen, also known as continuous improvement, is a philosophy that you can use to continually improve the performance of your website. You can employ kaizen to improve your websites by creating processes of testing, validating and deciding by.


You need to handle the reporting needs of various stakeholders from both local and global markets. Web analytics is the only way you can achieve this by allowing you to conveniently set up various reports for each stakeholder based on their requirements. Share you data in such a manner will definitely improve your traffic in a continuous manner, or better yet, in Kaizen.

Communication and education

Make sure that you learn how to interpret and use data. This is because not all websites are the same and you therefore need to make yours more actionable. Spread knowledge, data and insights across departments and sites. This will greatly have the data from web analytics generating incremental value to your site, especially if it’s a business one.

Integration and Organization

Web analytics is one of those processes that you must integrate into your technical infrastructure and organization if you want it to work. You will need to define responsibilities and roles. Web analytics offers you with the appropriate statistics that you can use to contribute to the success of your website.

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