How To Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Kaizen Efforts

An effective kaizen is one of the most important continuous improvement tools any organization can invest in. Your kaizen, just like any other process within the organization can still be improved further, even when you feel you have done your best. The suggestions discussed below may go along in helping you improve the effectiveness of the process and guarantee returns on the kaizen products.

Have People Arrive In The Meeting Room On Time

Late arrival of team members remain the number one cause of wastes in kaizen. You can use a time back that records lateness or simply issue lunch coupons as an incentive to encourage people to come early.

Set an agenda

Decide on the agenda to be discussed well in advance. It is always essential to have members get copies of the agenda in advance – before the start of the meeting. All the members should also be made aware of your kaizen objectives. However, remember to keep the objectives as realistic as possible as what may seem appealing on paper may not work in real life.

Install a printer in the room

This helps much in saving time as members will not have to waste any minute by stepping out of the room to take a print-out.
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Avail all the kaizen products that are needed for the event

It may sound funny, but many are the times people may show up in the meeting room without anywhere to put down notes. To avoid this kind of situations, ensure that writing materials are readily available. Other kaizen products that you will need include scissors, laminating materials, label markers and clay.

Package the training appropriately

Lectures lasting for a number of hours may not go down well with everybody and most people just require a little information to handle specific issues. They may only be effective where people are thirsty for knowledge on lean management. Kaizen trainings should therefore be properly packaged to offer just the right information.

Refuel the team

You may have to provide nutritious meals during the breaks to secure concentration of the team for the next session. Provision of snacks and lots of kaizen products is what most companies will offers, but the team may prefer more than that. Remember, kaizen events can be draining as they are time consuming, in most cases, and give the brain a lot of work.

Putting some of the above tips to work may result to the little improvement you need in your kaizen process.

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