Focus and Performance

When you are looking to improve your performance, whether it be for your job, during workouts, or for life in general, it is important to understand the crucial role that focus plays. Too many people wonder why they are not exhibiting the type of performances they are capable of, without realizing that they lack the ultimate focus to take one task at a time.

Here we will take a look at the elements that make up complete focus, and how a person can ensure that they are always working at a level of optimum effectiveness.

Efficiency and Effectiveness:

People spend too long talking about completing a task efficiently. While getting work done in a rapid manner is always appreciated, it means nothing if the job is done incorrectly. The key to success is to combine effectiveness and efficiency. By being effective, a person will be completing tasks in the correct manner and in the right order. With efficiency, that worker will complete said tasks as fast as they can without letting their quality of work suffer. Instead of looking for more time to complete tasks, it is important to see how you can streamline the work that you are doing.

80/20 Principle:

If anyone is serious about improving their productivity and performances, they will take note of the 80/20 principle. This principle states that 80% of a person’s results are driven from 20% of their daily activities. In addition, the other 20% of results are driven from 80% of the effort put in. This means that a person is spending a lot of time doing work of substandard quality, with very little time spent in solid productivity.

This happens because people do not plan effectively, leaving them in a perpetual state of crisis management. Work assignments are given, and people do not plan ahead for how they will tackle these jobs. Instead, they will spend a lot of time arguing with co-workers, getting stressed out, taking breaks, and doing busy work. Then they will reach a point where the work must be completed no matter what, and it is in this phase where they will show their best productivity.

Plan First, Communicate Second, Complete Work Third:

Free Kaizen GuideIn order to increase productivity, improve efficiency, and ensure effectiveness, it is vital that the planning phase take place first. Work must be scheduled based on importance and priorities, communication with workers and other important people must take place, and then work can begin. This will ensure that less time is wasted, tasks are completed efficiently, and that the work environment is pleasant and productive.

These steps clearly outline why improving productivity is not necessarily achieved by working harder. As long as people plan better, execute their tasks efficiently, and do not waste time, productivity can be greatly improved despite people not working any harder than they used to. It is about working smarter, not working harder.

When workers know that there are payoffs associated with improved performances and results, they will exhibit ultimate focus on the tasks at hand. This focus will improve competition within an organization, and bring about better results in both the short and long term.

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