Defining The Kaizen Event In Lean Management

Consistency is a very good and vital feature in any business environment. However, it also important to note that consistency should not be used as an exclusive metric, as it will always conflict with similar methods most of the time. That’s why it’s very important to have a change in technique or style once in a while – in other words to break the consistency for the sake of improvement. You should ensure that the new change is better that the previously implemented techniques.

The Kaizen Event

The Kaizen Event is one of the most ideal ways of bringing positive change in any environment. The kaizen event is actually coined from Japanese words. It was also initially used by the Japanese to bring about development. In general, kaizen can be broken down into two elements which stand for;

  • Kai – change (positive)
  • Zen – good or better

You will note that a combination of the two will bring about the word ‘good/better change’. To sum up, the Japanese were trying to come up with a strategy that would result in change for the good, better or best. The kaizen event is considered as a rapid and fast way of bringing about change in any working place or environment. The kaizen event is also referred to as the “kaizen blitz”. It has over the years been used as a force of facilitating fast and effective change in organizations that might be going under.

The kaizen event, or blitz, is highly regarded as a vital part of lean management and a way of bringing about continuous improvement. It can be applied to the entire organization or injected into the work processes of those departments that are experiencing a slump in productivity or development. It should be implemented with the use of teams, where there is a leader to oversee every event and activity being carried out.

However, the kaizen process really should involve everyone in the workplace as it is extremely far reaching in its affect. The management should therefore, under normal circumstances, ensure that everyone is engaged in the process. This kind of unity among the management and workers will enable the company or organization to yield much better results – results that will help them improve in a continuous and consistent manner.

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