5 Types of Waste Causing Downtime in Your Office

Following the success of lean standards in manufacturing facilities, many office environments have begun attempting to use the same strategies to improve efficiency.  Implementations of lean standards in office environments, however, were often done poorly resulting in failed transitions. When implemented properly, however, there are significant benefits to be realized in an office environment.  The

Why Lean Transformation Fails

Lean strategies in businesses are quite an interesting phenomena because they have been proven to be extremely effective at increasing productivity, yet most companies who attempt to implement these strategies fail within the first few months.  There are countless examples of companies having their productivity go up by 20% – 60% when using these strategies.

Total Quality Management And Kaizen Principles In Lean Management

TQM (total quality management) is among the key tools that are often used to facilitate the implementation of the kaizen process. It’s a form of management policy that can be used to work alongside the kaizen principles. Total quality management can be describes as a kaizen process that engages everybody in the workplace. This includes