The Kaizen Blitz

To Blitz, Or Not To Blitz First, let’s establish an agreement regarding some of the terminology we will be using in the following article. To begin with, for all intents and purposes, we need to agree that Kaizen and continuous improvement are essentially the same thing, and while the name originates from the Japanese language and it has many different meanings, we use continuous improvement as the term best suited for our discussion. A well …

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Implementing The Kaizen Philosophy In Normal Life

A lot of people often associate the kaizen philosophy with organizations and companies, but not on a personal level. But quite to the contrary, the kaizen philosophy is actually NOT restricted to just helping organizations and companies experience continuous improvements and growth. This is because the kaizen philosophy can also be very practically implemented in every day life. This is because the normal routines in your life that keep you going, can be compared to …

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Putting Into Effect The Basic Kaizen Principles

Kaizen Principles

You should first know a little history behind the kaizen process before being able to successfully implement it. Understanding the origin will give you a wider understanding of the kaizen philosophy and how it can bring continuous improvement in whatever industry sector you are involved in. The Kaizen Philosophy The Kaizen philosophy was created by the Japanese sometimes after the Second World War. It was created as strategic formula to develop the country after it …

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Understanding The Kaizen Philosophy

Kaizen,Kaizen news,kaizen philosophy

The term kaizen refers to continuous improvement. It is a Japanese term that was created in Japan after the World War II. Kaizen must involve all the employees in the company or organization for it to work effectively. You can implement Kaizen as a program into your organization or company. However, it only yields the best results when it’s adopted by the company or organization as a philosophy. Kaizen can be well understood by successful …

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The Kaizen Philosophy In The Technology World

kaizen,kaizen news,kaizen philosophy

Web analytics is a service offered by search engines and various software companies to generate detailed statistics about the visit to a website. In simple terms web analytics is the collection, reporting, measurement and analysis of Internet data for purposes of optimizing and understanding web usage. According to the infinite number of resources found in the Internet, web analytic and research is known to do pretty much everything if not more. This fact eventually drives …

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A Detailed Structure Of The Kaizen Philosophy

Putting into effect the basic kaizen principles

A lot of people have the wrong perception of what Kaizen is. Most people think that kaizen is about a philosophy that brings about abrupt and fast improvements to activities. However, this is not so as Kaizen is actually about slow yet sustainable development. You should note that Kaizen can be applied in a number of sectors such as business, healthcare, social life and in government among many others. Due to its tough nature, the …

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Introduction to Kaizen


The word kaizen means continuous improvement and was created in Japan following the Second World War. It is a Japanese concept for gradual and continuous improvement. In organizations, the system involves all employees – from the top management to cleaning crew. Everyone is encouraged to come up with suggestions for small improvements on regular basis. The philosophy is behind many Japanese management concepts which include, Total quality Control, Quality Control Circles, Labor relations and small …

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