How Kaizen is Imperative to LEAN Success

kaizen event

Kaizen is a Japanese term that relates to making continuous improvement in organizations through improving the process. Kaizen events have been met with opposition by many organizations because for it to work successfully, employees must step away from their jobs between three and five days to participate in the events. Rather than take a preventative approach, employers are more likely to use kaizen events to address problems retroactively. This approach is ineffective. To have the …

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5 Things to Avoid During a Kaizen

Kaizen events are an important tool for any company that is attempting to go through a lean transformation, or simply wants to improve the way they are doing things. Lean events are typically short, intense sessions which help to quickly change the way specific things are done.  When managed well, these events can have dramatic results, which greatly benefit the entire department or facility. When poorly run, however, they can be a waste of time, …

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A Kaizen Story

Kaizen Event

When a large manufacturing plant in Iowa decided to implement Kaizen into their facilities they had plenty of questions and hurdles to overcome. The organization, which produces agricultural and construction-related equipment saw the continuous improvement process known as Kaizen as a means to improve business. The process for them didn’t come easy and creating a sustainable process became a challenge, but a Kaizen story like any story, is always good to review. The following information …

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Smart Start: The Keys to Kaizen

Have you been thinking of trying your hand at a kaizen event? If so, take the time to do it right. Kaizen can be extremely beneficial and yield surprising results when done with passion. Many people assume that kaizen events need to be planned right down to every last detail, in fact some kaizen events even feature the use of special T-shirts embellished with motivational kaizen lingo to boost employee morale. This is all fine …

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Importance of Having Kaizen Events

A Kaizen event is a planned process which is focused on the improvement of a specific part of the business.  Ideally this should be done focusing on getting rapid results for a very specific problem or opportunity.  Having these changes put in place quickly and supported by  the people who will be using them in an ongoing way will help businesses in a wide range of different ways. Kaizen events can change from business to …

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Defining The Kaizen Event In Lean Management

Consistency is a very good and vital feature in any business environment. However, it also important to note that consistency should not be used as an exclusive metric, as it will always conflict with similar methods most of the time. That’s why it’s very important to have a change in technique or style once in a while – in other words to break the consistency for the sake of improvement. You should ensure that the …

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Selecting The Right Team During A Kaizen Event Or Kaizen Process


The kaizen event is a very good way of solving existing problems within any department or organizations. This is because it mostly involves bringing about rapid change and improvement. You should however ensure if your organization or department has the right scheme or mechanism whereby the kaizen event process can either be implemented or practiced. Identifying whether the kaizen process or kaizen event is the right tool for your organization will prevent any complications that …

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Kaizen Event In Relations To Quick And Easy Improvements

There are very many popular saying that describes continuous improvements. One of the most popular one that was stated by pat Riley states that “If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.” the kaizen event is a very ideal technique that brings this statement into perspective. It ensures that an organization is moving in the right direction. However, the fact that you’re not moving doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting worse. You can be …

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Utilizing Kaizen Event Supplies For A Productive Outcome

The fact that a kaizen event is rapid should not be used as a reason for sloppiness during work.

Proper scheduling of the kaizen event supplies prior to implementation is very important in determining its success. The scheduling mostly consists of various principles such as the 5s, lean management procedures and other kaizen philosophy. Other things that should be considered are the main objectives, achievable goals, team selection and efficient supplier/buyer link. You should note that more often than not, people implementing the kaizen event often bypass vital aspects such as kaizen supply which …

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A Guide On How You Can Effectively Execute A Kaizen Event

Kanban technique

The one thing that you should note about kaizen events is that they bring about fast and rapid changes in terms of improvement. They are not in any case gradual or slow in nature. A kaizen event, also known as kaizen blitz, can be described as a ‘huge jump’ towards your goals. The fact that kaizen events are fast and rapid in nature makes them somehow different from a normal kaizen philosophy which is usually …

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