Mistakes Kaizen Teams Make

Kaizen teams are an extremely effective way to produce great results, come up with excellent ideas, and foster change in just about any organization. Most people who are a part of these teams will attend Kaizen events and come away feeling energized, motivated and ready to improve the workplace. The problem often comes when they

5 Things to Avoid During a Kaizen

Kaizen events are an important tool for any company that is attempting to go through a lean transformation, or simply wants to improve the way they are doing things. Lean events are typically short, intense sessions which help to quickly change the way specific things are done.  When managed well, these events can have dramatic

Leadership Drives Kaizen

Companies which use Kaizen initiatives to help correct problems or make other improvements often find that they can be extremely successful. These types of short term, focused events can help companies of all types overcome issues which would otherwise take weeks or months to address. When the Kaizen process is embraced by leadership, it is

Toyota Donates What Money Couldn’t Buy: Efficiency

Food Drive Box

The Food Bank For New York City is one of the country’s largest food banks. Their effort to reach the nearly 2.6 million New Yorkers who experience difficulty affording food does not go unnoticed. Some of the biggest corporate names have reached out to financially support the Food Bank including Bank of America, Disney, FedEx,

10 Strategies for Continuous Improvement

10 Strategies for contiuous Improvement

I put together this quick overview of 10 Strategies For Continuous Improvement to help simplify and clarify how easily it might be for you or your group to start implementing these time-proven techniques for improving the bottom line of your organization. Of course there is so much depth to this subject, but the purpose of