Kaizen In The Kitchen


Why Not? How often do you find yourself searching for an item you thought you left one place, only to find it in another? How many times have you gone to pour a bowl of cereal in the wee hours of he morning, only to find an empty cupboard and a dishwasher full of dirty dishes? Ever gone to make a sandwich and realize you just laid your bread onto a dirty counter? Chances are, …

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Smart Start: The Keys to Kaizen

Have you been thinking of trying your hand at a kaizen event? If so, take the time to do it right. Kaizen can be extremely beneficial and yield surprising results when done with passion. Many people assume that kaizen events need to be planned right down to every last detail, in fact some kaizen events even feature the use of special T-shirts embellished with motivational kaizen lingo to boost employee morale. This is all fine …

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10 Strategies for Continuous Improvement

10 Strategies for contiuous Improvement

I put together this quick overview of 10 Strategies For Continuous Improvement to help simplify and clarify how easily it might be for you or your group to start implementing these time-proven techniques for improving the bottom line of your organization. Of course there is so much depth to this subject, but the purpose of this slideshow was to be a starting point. Check it out, choose one strategy that makes sense for your particular …

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The Kaizen And Kanban Principles

The kaizen and Kanban system were both coined by the Japanese who were trying to find an ideal way of developing their growth. Kaizen can be defined as of form of bringing about continuous improvement. The kaizen process utilizes a SQC (statistically quality control) technique that is very rigorous in nature. This technique is scientific and ensures that all rules are adhered to. The technique should be implemented in a way that zero defects are …

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Using Kaizen To Implement A Constant Improvement On Your Budget

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The term kaizen denotes principle that can be used for continuous improvement. You should note that Kaizen shouldn’t be confused with any other formulated standards or guidelines. The real and ideological principal behind the Kaizen philosophy is that even the tiniest of decisions can bring relatively a large output in terms of profitability, productivity and efficiency when properly implemented. This principle can be generalized as a systematic approach to business decisions that is guided by …

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Introduction to Kaizen


The word kaizen means continuous improvement and was created in Japan following the Second World War. It is a Japanese concept for gradual and continuous improvement. In organizations, the system involves all employees – from the top management to cleaning crew. Everyone is encouraged to come up with suggestions for small improvements on regular basis. The philosophy is behind many Japanese management concepts which include, Total quality Control, Quality Control Circles, Labor relations and small …

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