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On behalf of Creative Safety Supply based in Portland, OR, I strive to provide helpful information to create safer and more efficient industrial work environments. My knowledge base focuses primarily on practices such as 5S, Six Sigma, Kaizen, and the Lean mindset. I believe in being proactive and that for positive change to happen, we must be willing to be transparent and actively seek out areas in need of improvement. An organized, safe, and well-planned work space leads to increased productivity, quality products and happier workplace. Connect with Antonio on Google+
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Lean Philosophy
The Pitfalls of the Disinterested Employee
3 min read For decades, the generation in charge has lamented about the day the youthful generation would come of age and wreck the world
Lean Philosophy
JIT – Just In Time Manufacturing Explained
2 min read Just In Time (JIT) manufacturing describes the process whereby companies only acquire and produce items on an as needed basis. This process
Lean Philosophy
Focus and Performance
2 min read When you are looking to improve your performance, whether it be for your job, during workouts, or for life in general, it
Kaizen Philosophy
A Kaizen Leaders Role
2 min read The Kaizen leader is an individual, who is responsible for a group of people, who will be working toward identifying quality improvement
Kaizen Concept
Mistakes Kaizen Teams Make
2 min read Kaizen teams are an extremely effective way to produce great results, come up with excellent ideas, and foster change in just about
Kaizen ConceptKaizen Event
5 Things to Avoid During a Kaizen
2 min read Kaizen events are an important tool for any company that is attempting to go through a lean transformation, or simply wants to
Kaizen Concept
Leadership Drives Kaizen
2 min read Companies which use Kaizen initiatives to help correct problems or make other improvements often find that they can be extremely successful. These
Lean Philosophy
Change is Necessary
2 min read As the old saying goes, “the only thing that stays the same is, everything’s changing.”  This is extremely true in business environments,
Kaizen Philosophy
5 Tips to Motivate Excellence
2 min read Whether you are managing a manufacturing facility, an office environment or any other workplace setting, having the ability to motivate others is
Lean Philosophy Boston Red Sox
What is Catchball
2 min read The technical definition of Catchball is “A lean system to greatly improve bi-directional feedback and ownership – especially for complex decision making