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Lean Philosophy
Seven forms of Waste – Lean Six Sigma
Understanding the Seven forms of Waste If you are looking into implementing lean six sigma principles, the first thing you will need
Lean Philosophy Poke Yoke
Poka Yoke Techniques that You Should Know
Poka Yoke Techniques to Help Eliminate Waste If you haven’t heard of Poka Yoke before, you might think you’ve accidentally stumbled onto
Kaizen Process Kaizen
5 Tips for Kaizen Continuous Improvement
Implement Kaizen Continuous Improvement in 5 Steps or Less Kaizen, the Japanese term underlying the concept of “continuous improvement,” continues to dominate
Lean Philosophy Six Sigma Root Cause Analysis
Why Six Sigma Root Cause Analysis is a Great Tool
Making Improvements with Six Sigma Root Cause Analysis When things aren’t going the way they should, it can often be quite difficult
Lean Philosophy
Causation vs. Correlation in the Lean Business World
Causation vs. Correlation in the Lean Business World For anyone who’s had to sit through a year of high school statistics, and
Lean Philosophy Takt Time Production
Why You Should Use Takt Time Production & How To Do It
Cut Down Wastes with Takt Time Production There are many types of waste within a facility, and many different things that can
Lean Philosophy
Three Steps to Change Management
LinkedIn Group Discusses Change Management The idea of effecting change within a business is exciting and positive, but it can, at the