Going to the Gemba

The term Gemba comes from Japan. It is translated to mean the actual place, or the place where something happened. When it comes to the workplace, the concept of Gemba is used specifically for encouraging supervisors, managers, and others in leadership to spend time not only in their offices but also out on the shop floor where work is actually done. This is a similar concept to a practice commonly known as, “managing by walking …

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Effective Lean Problem Solving

Business Meeting

Solving problems in a business setting is an important part of the Lean methodology. Using Lean strategies, a company can better identify what problems exist, pinpoint the root causes, and come up with the right solutions to get the best results. Learning about how to effectively use Lean problem-solving techniques can help any business to improve and become more efficient. Lean Problem-Solving Process When working to make improvements in any business setting, it is important …

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Continuous Improvement Tools

To achieve success with Kaizen – the Japanese philosophy of change for the better – it’s beneficial to adopt some of the tools in the continuous improvement toolbox. Kaizen Newspaper A kaizen newspaper is a document that lists current ideas, problems, solutions, and responsible parties. The newspaper is usually in spreadsheet or chart format and it is posted so everyone can see it. The document also indicates which phase of the PDCA cycle an idea …

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Going Lean: Push vs Pull Production

Pull system in a facility

Lean manufacturing aims to eliminate wastes and improve productivity, primarily by operating on a pull system known as just-in-time (JIT) production. The JIT method is opposite to push systems on the spectrum of supply chain management and can often be the barrier for a company going Lean. In a push system, production is scheduled to meet the forecasted rate of demand. Also known as mass production, the push method has been around for centuries and …

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The Kaizen Blitz

To Blitz, Or Not To Blitz First, let’s establish an agreement regarding some of the terminology we will be using in the following article. To begin with, for all intents and purposes, we need to agree that Kaizen and continuous improvement are essentially the same thing, and while the name originates from the Japanese language and it has many different meanings, we use continuous improvement as the term best suited for our discussion. A well …

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Kaizen Lean Supplies Help Support Your Efforts In The Workplace

Lean Office Supplies

Kaizen Lean Supplies First, we will establish that Kaizen is a daily activity where the purpose goes beyond easy productivity improvements. It is also a process that, when done correctly, cultivates the workplace into an arena of peace, efficiency and of less waste. Kaizen, a two part Japanese word meaning “change” and “good”, is also not a static word but one that denotes action and movement. Because most of us are not normally taught or …

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10 Strategies for Continuous Improvement

10 Strategies for contiuous Improvement

I put together this quick overview of 10 Strategies For Continuous Improvement to help simplify and clarify how easily it might be for you or your group to start implementing these time-proven techniques for improving the bottom line of your organization. Of course there is so much depth to this subject, but the purpose of this slideshow was to be a starting point. Check it out, choose one strategy that makes sense for your particular …

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Selecting The Right Team During A Kaizen Event Or Kaizen Process


The kaizen event is a very good way of solving existing problems within any department or organizations. This is because it mostly involves bringing about rapid change and improvement. You should however ensure if your organization or department has the right scheme or mechanism whereby the kaizen event process can either be implemented or practiced. Identifying whether the kaizen process or kaizen event is the right tool for your organization will prevent any complications that …

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Defining The Kaizen Event In Lean Management

Consistency is a very good and vital feature in any business environment. However, it also important to note that consistency should not be used as an exclusive metric, as it will always conflict with similar methods most of the time. That’s why it’s very important to have a change in technique or style once in a while – in other words to break the consistency for the sake of improvement. You should ensure that the …

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