A Guide On How You Can Effectively Execute A Kaizen Event

The one thing that you should note about kaizen events is that they bring about fast and rapid changes in terms of improvement. They are not in any case gradual or slow in nature. A kaizen event, also known as kaizen blitz, can be described as a ‘huge jump’ towards your goals.

The fact that kaizen events are fast and rapid in nature makes them somehow different from a normal kaizen philosophy which is usually about making continuous improvements over a considerable duration of time. The kaizen blitz demands a lot of teamwork so as to be effective. Each worker should be enlighten of the process as the event doesn’t offer any time for enquires once it’s started.

Some of the notable features of a kaizen event include

  • A quick and small distance run of indulging kaizen jobs that can last for at least one week.
  • Show of prejudice for practical proof rather than analytical theory.
  • Direct attention and efforts to describing practical work and increasing manufacturer/buyer link so as to create flow.
  • Directing efforts towards attaining a solution for various setbacks so as to attain the company’s objectives.
  • Stick to a certain activity (specialize)
  • Regularly look into the achievements made at each step
  • Sustain the process

Free Kaizen GuideThe kaizen event maintains its course through the use of certain essentials such as waste elimination and continuous improvement. The team involved during the process should consider asking themselves the 5 ‘whys’. They will be properly enlightened with each answer they get from the ‘whys’.

This will also have more motives to complete the job with ease. The sole purpose of asking is to ensure that each of the team members knows the reasons behind their involvement. You should note that each of the team members should have a similar motive that focuses on the main objective.

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