5 Tips to Motivate Excellence

Motivating Safety Sign

Whether you are managing a manufacturing facility, an office environment or any other workplace setting, having the ability to motivate others is essential.  When done properly, good managers can transform teams into highly productive groups, which can not only get the job done, but also get it done in the best possible way.  Like any other skill, learning to motivate others to excellence is something that most people can learn, if they are willing to put in the effort.  The following 5 tips to motivate excellence are a great place to start for anyone willing to learn.

Clear Goals & Expectations

Nothing kills motivation faster than not knowing what is expected of the team.  Even groups who want to do a great job will be unable to perform if they don’t know where their focus should be.  A good manager will give clear instructions with goals and expectations to every team.  This will provide the framework for which all other motivation can be funneled through.

Criticize in Private; Praise in Public

No matter how good a team is, there will always be times when mistakes are made and managers are required to take some sort of corrective action.  In order to keep a team focused and motivated, this type of thing should always be done in private, and only with the individuals responsible for the mistake.  If, however, the team exceeds their expectations and does a great job, the praise should be given publically so it can motivate others.  When praising in public, make sure to recognize everyone who had any part in the success of the team.

Lead By Example

Managers shouldn’t necessarily be doing the same day to day jobs as those they are leading, but they can still lead by example.  If, for example, there is a surge in work at a particular time, and the manager has to require the team to work late.  It could be disheartening and detrimental to the motivation of the team if the manager is seen taking extended lunches and breaks at this time.  If, on the other hand, the manager can be seen making the same types of sacrifices as the team he is leading, it will actually improve morale and motivation.

free-kaizen-guideSeek Out Feedback

Many managers make the mistake of assuming their team thinks just like they would in every situation.  Managers like this will reward people based on their own values, rather than the values of the employees themselves.  This can actually cause more harm than good, which is why seeking out feedback is so important.  When a manager gets honest feedback from employees, he can tailor his actions based on what will be most effective for the team, rather than himself.

Keep Emotions in Check

Managers who are constantly getting upset, yelling at them and dealing with situations based on emotions rather than facts will quickly lose the respect of the team.  It is essential to keep emotions in check, and respond to situations logically as much as possible.  This is more difficult for some people than others, but it is essential for maintaining the motivation of any team.

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