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10 Strategies for Continuous Improvement

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I put together this quick overview of 10 Strategies For Continuous Improvement to help simplify and clarify how easily it might be for you or your group to start implementing these time-proven techniques for improving the bottom line of your organization.

Of course there is so much depth to this subject, but the purpose of this slideshow was to be a starting point. Check it out, choose one strategy that makes sense for your particular business or even personal needs and get started! the world is full of dreamers, but those doers are the ones that will truly see progress and added value by using these techniques – not just thinking about them.

If you would like to check out how you can learn more about these subjects, then visit the 5S/Kaizen page(s) on the Creative Safety Supply site at

Kaizen Guide

Kaizen Guide: Better your business with continuous improvement

To be successful, you can’t make an improvement once and forget about it. Effective lean businesses use kaizen, which means “continuous improvement”. In kaizen, everyone looks for ways to improve processes on a daily basis. This Kaizen Guide explains the kaizen mindset, basic kaizen concepts including the PDCA cycle, and real-world examples.

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There you will find training DVD’s materials to help you visually orient yourself or your team as well as a myriad of tools and products to actually facilitate you on your lean kaizen journey.

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